Although we do not provide flights we will always be willing to assist in finding a suitable flight for you. You will find a large selection of links to flight agencies and airlines on our flights page. Our policy enables you to take advantage of the wide variety of flights available to Crete from airports, and with airlines, not only from Europe but from around the world. This policy also allows our international customers to take the most convenient route from their country of origin, by not having to fly via the U.K.


A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total price of the holiday is required, with the balance being payable 60 days prior to the commencement of your holiday. Payment should be made by direct bank transfer or via PayPal unless by special arrangement.


Your accommodation will usually be available from noon on your day of arrival until 10.00 a.m on your departure date. Some properties have flexibility concerning check-in and check-out times and if we can make special arrangements for you, we will do so upon request.

Special Requirements

If you have any special requirements or needs, such as diet restrictions, wheelchair access, car seats for children, etc., please inform us at the time of booking. Although it is not always possible to accommodate every special requirement, we will endeavour to do so.

Insurance, Passports/Visas and Driving

We believe that it is absolutely necessary to have private travel insurance and can provide links to internet based companies who will provide reasonably priced insurance for your holiday. You may, of course , obtain suitable cover from any reputable broker.

Please make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity from the date you travel. Greece is a member of the European Union and there are no visa requirements for E.U citizens to enter Greece. Clients from non-E.U countries should consult their Embassy for advice on obtaining visitors visas. If you are travelling with children, each child must have their own passport unless certain special conditions apply. An International or European Union driving licence is required for car or bike hire. Crash helmets must be worn at all times when on a motor bike or scooter and seat belts must be worn, front and rear, in cars.

Vaccinations and Health

No vaccinations are required for a visit to Greece. Most pharmacies in Greece are well stocked and the staff in hospitals and health centres are well qualified and often speak English, many having trained either there, or in the U.S.A We recommend that you bring anti- histamine cream and tablets in case of insect bite reactions and, of course, any prescription medicines you will require during your stay.

Water and Electricity

Electricity is 220 volt, 2 pin and we suggest that you buy an international adaptor if bringing appliances from your own country for use in Crete. Most water is safe to drink from the tap, although some visitors can react to the mineral content of the local water. If in doubt, bottled water is cheap and available almost everywhere. Hot water is usually provided by solar heating and in accommodations with several units, it can sometimes be "first come, first served" until the panels heat the next batch of water. This, unfortunately, is out of our control, as are the occasional power cuts.


The island has one of the hottest climates in Europe and, although many people want to tan as quickly as possible, it is always better to take it easy on the first few days with a relatively high factor U.V sun block. The winds of Crete can also be deceptive, providing a cooling breeze which can sometimes hide the fact that you are actually burning. It is better to sunbathe before midday and after 3 p.m. You very rarely see the locals out in the midday sun and they have a few thousand years more experience than most of us!

And last but not least........... the toilets

There are many unique and wonderful things on the island but one unique thing gets talked about rather a lot. Many of the more modern properties in our portfolio do not fall into this category but a lot of the plumbing in Greece is long overdue for an update and many of the pipes are small bore and easily become blocked. As a result it has become common practice to place toilet paper into a small bin beside the toilet. After years of trying to understand why nothing was done to change it we have now been officially recognised as having the cleanest beaches in the E.U because most of our toilet waste goes for incineration, rather than ending up in the sea. See? It's all for a very good ecological reason. So the next time you are putting your paper in the bin, remember you are helping this beautiful island stay beautiful.